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Our Parish History
St. Andrew's ChurchSt. Andrew’s Church in Sackets Harbor was founded in 1887, and was entrusted to the care of Rev. Tobias Glenn, pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Watertown. Prior to its establishment as a parish, the Catholic community in Sackets Harbor had been under the care of the priests in Watertown from 1835 until 1891, when it was given over to the care of the priest in Brownville, Father Smythe.

The parish received its first resident pastor in 1897 in the person of Rev. Leo Cochard. He remained in the parish for a short time, and the care of the parish in Sackets Harbor was once again entrusted to the priest assigned to Brownville. St. Andrew’s received its first verifiable resident pastor in July 1902 when Bishop Henry Gabriels assigned Father Timothy Mahoney as pastor of Sackets Harbor, with its missions at Adams and Belleville.

Father Mahoney was replaced by Father Michael Fogarty in 1906. Fr. Fogarty rented a house on Monroe Street for his rectory upon arriving in Sackets Harbor. The parish would purchase that house in 1918, and it would be used as the rectory until 1947.

Father Joseph Tierney served as pastor from 1908 to 1910. He was followed by a rapid parade of pastors: Fr. C.P. Hurley (1910-1913); Fr. Art Kenny (1913); Fr. Hollis (1913); Fr. D. Burns (1913); Fr. Aloysius McMahon (1913-1915); and Fr. Frederick Hatch (1915-1917).

Father James McClure arrived as pastor of St. Andrew’s in 1917 and would remain as pastor until 1930. His replacement, Father Michael Kelly served as pastor from 1930 until 1935. Father Frances Maguire served as pastor at St. Andrew’s from 1935 through 1944. Father Maguire renovated the rectory and church at St. Andrew’s during his tenure, and was highly regarded for his care of the soldiers and families stationed at Madison Barracks during World War II.

Father Patrick Thompson served the parish as administrator from 1944 to 1946. In 1946, on of the most beloved pastors at St. Andrew’s, Fr. John Kennedy, arrived in Sackets Harbor. Father John Kennedy would serve the parish until May 26, 1964. Fr. Kennedy was as renowned as a farmer as much as a priest. He delivered eggs to needy families and friends. It was Father John Kennedy who had the present rectory built. In 1957, he erected Queen of Heaven Church in Henderson, and in 1963 moved St. Andrew’s church to its present location. He also oversaw the start of construction of the present day parish center. By the time he was transferred to Cape Vincent in 1964, Father John Kennedy was well loved and respected in Sackets Harbor.

To the confusion of many, Father Kennedy was replaced by another Father Kennedy, Father Edwin Kennedy. Father Edwin Kennedy oversaw the completion of the parish center which was dedicated by Bishop Donnellan in 1968. Father Edwin Kennedy served as pastor until 1970.

In 1970, Father William Meunch became pastor of St. Andrew’s. Father Meunch was a dynamic and energetic pastor. He began the prayer group at St. Andrew’s in 1972. He was highly regarded for his excellent sermons and good sense of humor.

Father Tom Moody became pastor of St. Andrew’s in 1973. A deeply spiritual man, Father Tom led many young people and adults to deeper prayer and spirituality. Fr. Moody began a campaign to renovate the Bell at St. Andrew’s in 1979. 1980 saw the arrival of Fr. Liam O’Dougherty, who would serve as pastor until 1993.

In 1993, Father Douglas Comstock arrived as pastor at St. Andrew’s. During his pastorate, which ran through 2008, Father Comstock upgraded all the properties at St. Andrew’s and Queen of Heaven, as well as providing strong spiritual leadership for the parishes. The parishes thrived under Father Comstock’s able leadership. His talents were varied and many. Urban legend says that it was a blessing from Father Comstock that led to the successes of Funny Cide, winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness in 2003. Declining numbers of priests forced the consolidation of the Brownville and Sackets Harbor parishes in 2008. By the time of the consolidation, Father Comstock was highly respected by all in Sackets Harbor, regardless of their religion.

Father Kevin O’Brien, pastor in Brownville and Dexter in 2008, assumed responsibilities as pastor of St. Andrew’s parish. Father O’Brien has worked to bring the parishioners together, and the parishioners of both parishes have responded by taking active roles in running the parish. In 2009, Sr. Janet Peters, a sister of Mercy, retired from “active” ministry and took up residence in the former St. Andrew’s rectory. Sister Janet has been active in training ministers to the sick and homebound, leading bible studies, and guiding a prayer group at St. Andrew’s. Sr. Janet is also active in hospital ministry at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown. So much for retiring from “active” ministry!

The parish looks forward to the future with hope, as we continue to do the Lord’s work and build up his kingdom.
RCC of Sackets Harbor

Saint Andrew's Church
Corner of East Main and Woosley Streets
Sackets Harbor NY
Phone:  (315)782-1143
Fax:  (315)782-0231
Tina Froedtert
Saturday Masses
4:00 PM - SA, Sackets Harbor
5:30 PM - IC, Brownville

Sunday Masses
8:30 AM & 10:00 AM
IC - Brownville
11:30 AM - SA, Sackets Harbor

Daily Masses
9:00 AM on M, W and F
IC - Brownville
9:00 AM on T and Th
SA - Sackets Harbor
Saturdays at 3:30 - 4:00 PM
SA - Sackets Harbor
Saturdays at 5:00 - 5:30 PM
IC - Brownville

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